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Shopping for Life Insurance With No Physical Exam Required

When looking for life insurance products that will cover you regardless of your medical history, be sure to shop around; not all life insurance products are the same. Whether you’re looking for a guaranteed acceptance program or just trying to avoid a trip to the doctor’s office, there are certainly options available.Benefits of Life Insurance[...]

The Benefits of Burial Readiness

Continuing our discussion about burial insurance… One truth in life which cannot be denied is that we all must come to terms with our mortality. When we think about our demise assuredly the happiest of thoughts are not evoked. However we can take measures to ensure that such thoughts are ones which bring us peace[...]

Should I Buy Funeral Insurance?

Funeral insurance is a type of insurance policy that will pay for the expenses associated with a policyholder’s funeral. Because the types of policies pay in the event of the policyholder’s death, many people who already have life insurance policies make the assumption that they do not have to have this coverage. Many people with[...]

Health Insurance for Children

The medical demands of children are much greater than the average adult. Although children may sometimes seem quite resilient, and bounce back easily from common minor illnesses, they are also quite vulnerable to major sickness and injury. Without proper medical attention, a child can succumb to a dangerous illness within days, or even hours. Decisions[...]

3 Auto Insurance Savings Many People Miss

When you need to buy auto insurance, saving money should be at the top of your priority list. There are many different insurance companies out there, and there is no excuse in today’s market to overpay for auto insurance coverage. If you do, you are essentially throwing money away that you don’t need to spend.[...]

3 Tips For Daily Money Management

If you have no idea where you money goes, you are headed for financial disaster. Many people who find themselves up to their ears in debt got there through daily money mismanagement rather than huge spending sprees. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your finances under control. 1. Know Where Your[...]

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